American Standard Ultima™ Selectronic Touchless Toilet Flush Valve, Piston-Type, Battery, 1.28 gpf/4.8 Lpf

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Flush Valves & Sanitary Sys

The Exposed Selectronic® Toilet Flush Valve is now capable of meeting ADA clearance requirements when installed under a grab-bar that is installed at 36” height from the floor to the top of the bar.  The self-cleaning piston design saves time and money by eliminating routine maintenance and preventing the valve from running due to clogs.Features CR-P2 lithium battery installed. Battery Life: 4 years assuming 4,000 flushes per month  Touch-free operation helps keep the restroom clean and hygienic Self-cleaning piston significantly reduces clogging and prevents valve run-on Integral wiper spring cleans the refill orifice with every flush for extraordinary reliability No Routine Maintenance: no diaphragms to replace; no filters to clean Selectronic® Proximity System with programmable sensor allows for easy adjustment and customization State-of-the-Art Electronics prevent ghost flushing Fully Mechanical Manual Override Button can flush the valve without power Fail-Safe: Valve automatically closes upon loss of power or water pressure and does not need to be reset Adjustable Sanitary Flush cleans the fixture & maintains the trap seal. Chemical Resistant EPDM Seals for extended life Can be installed left or right handedSpecs 11-1/2” Rough in Fits  1-1/2" top spud bowlsSustainability CALGreen Compliant 

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  • Certifications and Standards

    WaterSense CertifiedYes
  • Water

    Gallons Per Flush (gpf)1.280
  • Human Health

    ADA CompliantYes
  • General

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    Manufacturing Location(s)Mexico
    MasterFormat® Number22 42 43
    Package Weight (lbs.)8
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    TypeSensor Flush Valve and Sanitary Items

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